Titanium fittings

    Material:Pure titanium, titan


    thickness:0.3mm - 80mm

    width:2m - 10m


    certificate:ISO 9001

    standard:HG/T3651-1999 GB/T27684-2011 GB/T124569-2005 GB/T13401-2005 ASMEB16.9-2007


    Titanium pipe fittings
    Material: titanium, nickel
    Type: Titanium pipe fittings, titanium pipes, titanium elbows, titanium tees, titanium tees, titanium reducers, titanium flanges, titanium pipe caps, titanium welding rings, titanium pipes and other titanium pipe fittings, all of which can be produced by Gome.
    Executive standard: ASTM B 363, ASME SB-363, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.9, ASME B16.11, ASME B16.28 Manufacturing method: extrusion.
    Specifications: Below DN140 are seamless pipe fittings, above DN140 are welded pipes and fittings.
    Casting type: seamless, welding
    Basic grades: TA1/Gr1, TA2/Gr2, TC4/Gr5, TA18/Gr9
    Type: tee, tee pipe joint, support tee, equal diameter tee, reducer tee, tee with lateral port, elbow, elbow with pedestal, elbow with lateral port, Double branch elbow, long radius 180 degree elbow, short radius 180 degree elbow, 45 degree oblique tee, "Y" shaped tee, four way, equal diameter four way, different diameter four way, different diameter pipe, concentric Reducing pipe, eccentric reducing pipe, forged reducing pipe, threaded branch table, welded branch table, socket branch table, elbow branch table, miter branch table, embedded branch table, short pipe branch table, branch pipe Tables, pipe fittings, half pipe joints, reducer pipe joints, unions, internal and external thread reduction, pipe caps, plugs, short joints, threaded joints, reducer joints, elbows, prefabricated elbows, spanning elbows, Offset elbow, 90-degree elbow, ring elbow, unilateral offset 90-degree elbow, "S" shaped elbow, "U"-shaped elbow, unilaterally offset "U"-shaped expansion elbow, double Offset "U" shaped expansion elbow, miter elbow, three-section miter elbow, crimp elbow, etc.
    Features of titanium pipe fittings: excellent corrosion resistance in many acid and alkali salts, strong acid liquid media, and low density, high strength, light weight of equipment, smooth surface, no dirt, easy to clean and clean.
    Working principle of titanium pipe fittings: It is mainly a pipe connecting various types of titanium equipment, used for material circulation between various equipment (acid and alkali corrosion medium liquid), titanium itself has corrosion resistance, thus replacing the general material pipeline . Above Φ108mm are all welded pipes. (The following are seamless pipes).
    Scope of application: Widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, instrumentation, power generation, seawater desalination, medical equipment, chlor-alkali salt production, electroplating, coking, fertilizer, etc.

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